Just after Natsu’s imprisonment, Lucy awaits him beyond your palace, in fact it is asked out-of the spot where the almost every other Fairy Tail Users where

Just after Natsu’s imprisonment, Lucy awaits him beyond your palace, in fact it is asked out-of the spot where the almost every other Fairy Tail Users <a href="https://datingranking.net/gaydar-review/">how does gaydar work</a> where

Given that duo assist by themselves in the home, Natsu actually starts to share with her in the his escapades, cheerful and you can blushing during the common impression

Seated from the the local retail complex, she said the fresh updates off Fairy Tail you to definitely generated Natsu and you will Pleased fairly depressed. [7] With the his feeling, Natsu magic exactly what Makarov is doing, but Lucy states that he’s missing. Merely next, she in addition to berates Natsu to possess randomly making the fresh guild without sharing they which have anybody basic. Although not, Lucy apologizes whenever Natsu was remaining speechless, stating that they have to out-of got a lot to their brains also. [8]

Lucy greeting both on her new home, each other becoming astonished observe for example spacious put unlike the prior family, and you may chose to let them stay, understanding the both don’t have a place. In the middle of the night, Natsu and you may Happy get up. Bored stiff, they want to go into Lucy’s room and you will decorate on her face, however, become one on one for the map Lucy could have been undertaking to monitor this new Fairy Tail professionals. The guy realized Lucy might have been monitoring the brand new fellow guild users, and you will temporarily stares at the the woman. [9]

Next day, Lucy awakens and you may try astonished through to viewing and you can reading the fresh army during the the woman domestic. Ahead of she will concern this, Natsu and you can Happy appear, questioning whether they have started stuck already. Baffled, Lucy talks about the 2 and you may requires what they do have complete, but Natsu just holds the girl and jumps outside of the windows, outlining he has actually raised the beacon having Fairy Tail’s revival. [10]

Natsu, Lucy and you will Pleased gets to Tuli Town, away from Fiore limitations. Natsu sees the fresh new repaired tower he lost before, and you may decides to break it once again but is actually dropped by Lucy. Distressed, Natsu let-out a tantrum that he would like to let out, to have he purposed his studies getting conquering Grey plus the most other solid lackeys. He then looks at Lucy, trying to take part a fight since the woman is the only real possibilities remaining. Believed to state no, Lucy suggests she in fact trains by herself covertly, but before they may participate by themselves in order to a combat, Natsu believed something. Anywhere between Lucy’s base, Natsu fired out Flames Dragon’s Roar, which area blanc he attempt the fresh theft pair yards away from them. But this will be unbeknownst so you’re able to Lucy, whom consider Natsu is kidding doing. [11]

Once opening the woman, he says to the lady that they’re going to revive Fairy Tail, best Lucy so you’re able to tears because she uses behind, towards the military chasing after them

Inside a bedroom toward KoToKo Inn, the three talked about the new whereabouts of its other guild participants. Lucy decided they have to wade on ia Scale’s Guild was inside. Natsu cheerfully arranged, within the opinion off fighting Lyon and you will Jura. Lucy wound up the new talk, inquiring Natsu in order to assume exactly who otherwise is within the told you guild. Reach the town, the three watches new Lamia Scale’s Thanksgiving Time event. Contacting the past performancers, Chelia and you will Wendy, went out the fresh new stage and you will sings, also dances. Natsu and you will Happier kept a state regarding surprise, maybe not thinking Wendy try into blogs, to such as, Lucy teaches you how it happened into Wendy. Happier notices Carla try no place. This new heading nowhere person greets her or him about, simply to notice Carla in her Conversion process Mode. [12]

Natsu, Lucy and you may Happier visits Wendy throughout the Lamia Scale Guild. Lucy status Wendy that they are providing right back brand new guild, and transfers details about Makarov’s disappearance as well as the Freshly Designed Secret Council. Natsu insisted in order to usually do not notice the existing mans whereabouts, when he concerned the fresh guild having Wendy, no matter if, she shortly made up the woman head, declining to go with her or him and simply stand. In advance of she you will definitely explain as to the reasons, Carla comes into the scene and you will says to the 3 to stop forcing Wendy. Carla asks if that is the choice of the woman, and Wendy quickly nodded, one made the 3 disbelief. [13]

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